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Interlinking Your Articles Properly For WordPress Seo

I was once conversing with a writer and when we got to the SEO topic, he said point-blank; I hate SEOs. This poor fella had come to hate what he knows as SEOs, because of his past experiences with clients who believe that a search engine optimized article must be keyword-stuffed. To be honest Id be pissed as well if I were in his shoes. Imagine being given chicken oven toaster broiler as your keyword, to be used 20 times in a 500-word article, thats just dumb, isnt it? In the real sense of it though, WordPress SEO is actually not hard. All you just need is what to do, how to do it, where to do it and when to do it.

One of the means of ensuring a higher ranking on search engines (in addition to writing relevant, quality content), is by interlinking your new articles to your older but relevant articles. Interlinking simply means putting the URL of those posts in some relevant phrases (anchor text) on your text, so that when the reader clicks it, theyre redirected to that post. SEO apart, this is also a very effective way of increasing traffic for your older posts that people seem not to be reading anymore.

How Do I Interlink My Articles?

1. Link only high-ranking articles: The point of linking your new articles to older ones, is not just for the fun of it. If you interlink your post to low-ranking articles, they simply pull you lower on the search engine (and it makes sense too). However, linking high-ranking articles in your text will go a long way to improve the ranking of your new article. This is simply because when you link a number of high ranking posts within yours, the search engine will conclude that your post will possess quality information and hence it will rank higher. Also, as much as possible, try to link your highest-ranking articles at the beginning of the post, as this carries more weight on the search engines.

2. Dont link the same post with different anchor text: This is one mistake some people make. Once they can identify an article topping the ranking for the desired keyword, they try to link that same article multiple times in the same post, using different anchor texts. Of course, it makes sense that the search engine will only consider the first instance of the link and ignore the rest. This is definitely one habit you may want to avoid and it may even get you spammed by google.